We know you need proof of coverage certificates often prepared. In fact, we know you don’t get paid until they are processed quickly. We provide 15-minute service on certificate requests. Period. When you need one, email, fax or call. We’ll do the rest. You can pick it up, or we’ll send it your way. You pick.


Own a hammer, a paintbrush, a trowel or a set of screwdrivers? Have employees with your logo on their trucks or work alone? We can help you understand your protection and tailor coverage to suit your needs. We share ways to save money and work within many budgets; all done quickly and hassle-free.


It’s not about just you or your time here. It is about taking care of those you care about. Let’s face it: your work is hazardous. You climb on ladders, work with voltage, lift, walk on rooftops… All these dangers add up to the importance of setting up a legacy now just in case. Protect your today. Protect your employees today. It’s the right thing to do.